Nutanix Features and Product Specifiacations - Cases?

  • 5 October 2020
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Hi All,

In between I am thinking about the solutions and definitely I will expect some tips or REFERENCE projects which could cover area of:

  • Virtual Firewall (as virtual appliance)
  • Docker/Kubernetes / OpenShift on Nutanix
  • Mirror of part of the environment –  To clone whole environment  group of several servers (like wepage-db (so this could really be group of VMs) for installation tests)
  • Self Service – having the possibility for developers to set own testing machines (more like offloading tasks from IT maintenance teams)
  • Interoperation between VMSphere and Nutanix Clusters
  • And the key point is automatisation/ orchestration of the tasks – I need some examples how this is done by others and then we can start adopting some ideas to our environment.

Can ANYBODY in this forum point me to the reference projects, documents which discribe these topic?



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