Nutanix Cluster automation

  • 20 February 2019
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Does anybody using one touch automation for setup Nutanix cluster with hypervisor ESXi.
  1. Take IP's from DHCP for ESXi and CVM
Please share if you got any info.


4 replies

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Hello @visu 

Sorry for the late reply. 
I’m a little confused as to what you are trying to achieve? 

If you want to automate the foundation process of cluster creation 

You can refer to the post for some information regarding the same

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Hello @visu, the CVM and Hypervisor IP should always be static else you would end up in issues always.

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We don’t have a one-touch method, but use a mix of Foundation, NCLI and PowerCLI scripts.  Use to build your JSON file for importing to Foundation (where maybe the initial creation could be more of a template) then we run a number of NCLI and PowerCLI scripts to complete various Nutanix-specific settings and PowerCLI on the ESXi/vCenter side.  Nutanix has very good documentation for NCLI and just do a web search for what you are trying to do with PowerCLI as there’s a ton of examples out there.


Specifically with IPs, we pre-reserve our IP addresses when filling out a Nutanix build-out worksheet we’ve created internally.

In case you are interested, reach out to me.
I've built this for several large Nutanix clients. Full auto, cluster installs, including all that belongs with this in regards to the company business process, IPAM. CMDB.
But also day 2 automation, like password rotation, certificate renewal. Remote Metro Installs. Anything you can imagine. 
Based on Nutanix Calm Self service, Powershell 7 in its core.
Client reference is possible.