Nutanix advantage over VMware

Hi Everyone,I'm new with Nutanix solution, appreciate if anyone can provide knowledgebase on feature/advantage of Nutanix compare with other solutien e.g VMware on licensing, performance etc. Currently we are looking on Nutanix as new solution for our customer which is using VMware with mixed version deployed at their environment. Thanks

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My Dodge Challenger is doing 180mph and I'm a king of a local racing club, no one can beat me. But it is useless when i need to tow my 9000-pounds boat... Silverado 2500 has no problem with towing, but guys laugh at me on a racing track. Did you get my example? 🙂 You absolutely should not provide to anybody a solution based on a product features/advantages. Nutanix/VMware has different use cases/place in a modern datacenter - what is work in one case is absolutely wrong in another.