No new NCC version for me

  • 20 December 2018
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Good day all,
When I attempt to upgrade ncc from I get no available upgrade path in the Element. The question is why is the element not able to automatically see any new version to download and install? Will I have to manually download NCC to install? Are there any issues in upgrading from to 3.6.4?

AOS: 5.9.2
Hypervisor: Esxi 6.5
Platform: NX6155
Cluster Size: 6

4 replies

Here is a screenshot.

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@dox10462 From a CVM in the same cluster please run this command

curl -k -s

and see if you are getting an error

"All actions require an API Key"
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Are you able to see AOS and AHV updates? (Assuming you're using AHV)

You need to make sure your Cluster VIP, and CVMs are not being blocked trying to reach out to Nutanix.

Below is a link showing a list of all required Firewall prerequisites needed to connect your cluster(s) to Nutanix.
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Hi @dox10462

You can also  check that your DNS resolution is OK, please review the following  article: KB 3005