New to Nutanix - Protecting Hardware Investment

  • 1 May 2015
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We are considerig introducing Nutanix 3060-G4 blocks and using them for vSphere 6. The business would like to understand how much of a guarantee (if any) is provided that such hardware will remain on the VMWare HCL for x years? We really don't want to find out that they drop off the HCL of vSphere verison 6.x/7.x in 2 years time. I notice that the 3050's only currently get listed for 5.5 U2, and not v6. So, it is a concern.

Any thoughts that can help us here?


1 reply

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Once the hardware is certified by VMware for a specific version, it remains listed in VMware HCL.

here is the kb for more details as to how the VMware HCL certification works:

In regards to vSphere 6, Nutanix certifies a major version for ESXi within 90days of GA release date.

Thats the reason its not there for NX3050-G4.