Multiple Containers

  • 24 May 2015
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Hello There,
Although i am not new to Nutanix i have a basic question about Nutanix container, does creating multiple container have impact on performance or total IOPS per containers.
What i can understand is use cases for multiple containers is to enable features as required per container, but does it effect overall performance.

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3 replies

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Thanks for the question farhanparkar

Can you provide some insights here cbadami 🙂
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My concern here is does creating multiple containers have any impact on performance.
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Best practice is to use single container for the cluster unless you want to enable different features on the container based on the workload segregation for each container. But you shouldn't see any performance difference as VM's doing IOPS will also be divided into different containers and total storage load doesn't change on the cluster.

Hope it helps.