Monitoring Nutanix with check_mk (OMD)

  • 7 March 2017
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I'm trying to configure check_mk to monitor Nutanix cluster, can't put it to work well.

I've followed the guide "Configuring and monitoring with Nagios" but am having lots of problems putting it to work correctly.

check_mk' run's nagios core, but after importing NUTANIX-MIB.txt it does not use it's OID's.

Can anyone help me?

Best answer by KevinTijssen 19 May 2017, 13:42

Hi rmviolante

I have posted my blog earlier then expected.

You can find it right here.

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9 replies

Just to chime in... We're in the same boat. OMD/Check_MK is great, but getting really useful monitoring of the Nutanix infrastructure has been challenging. Just basic SNMP monitoring of the CVM and a quick HTTP check to make sure a master node has been elected and the web page is accepting connections.
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I have created a Nutanix REST-API Plugin for Check_MK.
It's not finished but its working perfectly.

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Hi KevinTijssen

Can you tell me how to do it or make it available?

It will be a great help!

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Hi rmviolante

Hold on for a couple of weeks cause im writing a blog about this check and would like to post it first.

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Hi rmviolante

I have posted my blog earlier then expected.
You can find it right here.

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Hi Kevin,First I would like to thank you forthe help by creating this plugin.

There's only one thing that still doesn't show, the vm's,

but whenever I run a test I can see the VM's info

Do you have the same issue?


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Sorry for the late responce. I was on a holiday.
No i dont have any issue with the VM information.
I know that the hostname must be the exact same name as in Acroplois incl capitals otherwise is won't work.
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Hi Kevin,

I've tried what you told before, but seems not to solve.
Today I upgraded the package to version 3.2.6 and I have the same behavior.

As you can see it doesn't all the checks, but when I run the agent tests it shows the data correctly.

I'me running on:
OMD Version 2.60-labs-edition

Can you help me please?
Hi Kevin,
are you able to monitor the network connections on "br0-up", because PRISM don't show the interruption of cable connect!
I try to interrupt the cable from 10G port, but i don't see anything on PRISM.