Migrate ESXi to AHV - Cloned disk file

Hi,I am a new Nutanix user and had a quick question regarding cloned disk files.

Quick run down on our situation.
we are migrating from an old VSphere environment to AHV.
I have been having trouble migrating the disk files to a migration container (I will raise a separate post about that), but I do have a workaround in place.
So I can copy the vmdk files into the migration container and can created a new vm in AHV by using the "Clone from ADSF file" option when adding a disk.

I have spent ages searching for an answer to my question but am yet to find it, but after the clone takes place am I OK to delete the original vmdk (source) file/s from the migration container?
I have actually tried this on a test machine and the new vm is still functioning as normal but I want to make sure I'm not going to cause an issue by doing this.

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