Logbay can auto-upload logs but what is the IP address or DNS name so I can allow it through the firewall?

  • 21 February 2020
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Your CVMs can upload log bundles directly to Nutanix for an open case, and this can speed case resolution especially if the alternative is the two-step process of pulling multiple GiB over WiFi to download and THEN upload. With common security restrictions around FTP or SFTP leaving the datacenter this may require explicit firewall rules.

The logbay command to collect and upload logs looks like this:

logbay collect --dst=sftp://nutanix -c <case_number>

That destination “nutanix” isn’t helping us with that firewall rule, so where is the upload going?

The software is really just automating the old manual methods described in this KB: Uploading Files for Nutanix Support Using FTP, SFTP or the Customer Portal. Referencing that article, we can see the DNS name for FTP uploads is ftp.nutanix.com . The IP address varies by region and might change, so I’d suggest using the URL. To allow log upload, you’ll need to allow port 22 for SFTP. You could also allow port 21 for FTP, but if it needs a specific firewall rule we probably want to err on the side of security. 

If you want to know more about logbay, check out the  Logbay Quickstart Guide, or for the official documentation see the Log collection section in the NCC Guide.

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