iSCSI disk volume support

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Hello - with the addition of Volume Groups for in-guest iSCSI mappings, are there any limitations in Window 2008 R264 Bit. is iSCSI disk volume support in Windows 2008 R2? the system getting hang while adding iscsi target.

Any work arround for this iisue?

Please advice...

Thank you..

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If you are getting hangs or unexpected behavior, please file a support ticket and we can help you figure out those issues. You can file a ticket on for NX and SX, and with the respective OEM for Dell XC or Lenovo HX.

Windows 2008 R2 is definitely supported, so you shouldn't be seeing hangs.
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Thanks for your advice. It’s solved my problem. There was problem with firewall blocking ports. What are ports we need to open in firewall and security devices?
I believe the port is 3260. Any other port we need to open? TCP or UPD? Which is source port and destination port? Only for cluster IP or all CVM IP?

Appreciate your replay.

Thank you...
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Hey - catching up on some old threads today, did you get to the bottom of this separately?

If not, iSCSI is almost always 3260. all CVM IP's would participate, as well as the data services IP