Hyper-V best practices or similiar

  • 25 March 2014
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Hi guys! :)

Do you happen to know are there any Hyper-V docs available? Setup guide/Best Practices or similar.


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page 96
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The NOS setup guide covers Hyper-V to the same degree that it covers vSphere and KVM. The platform administration guide has some additional hypervisor-specific instructions.
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Thank you guys. Usefull stuff.

Second best practicies question:

I've been working with NetApp quite some time and they a document that covers "Ethernet - Best practicies" stuff/guide lines. It's a usefull doc to go through with the customer or their outsourcing partner on how the things should be done in ethernet side or at the NetApp side to avoid SPOFs in the system.

Does Nutanix have a similiar doc - "Ethernet-Best Practicies"?
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Yes it have

Nutanix Tech Note VMware vSphere Networking on Nutanix
This document describes vSphere networking concepts and how they can be used in a Nutanix environment to ensure optimal performance and availability. It also covers the recommended configuration settings for different vSphere networking options with Nutanix.


Nutanix Tech Note Storage Configuration for VMware vSphere
This Tech Note describes Nutanix storage concepts and how they should be configured in a VMware vSphere environment to ensure optimal performance and availability.