How to show IP address using ACLI vm.list command

  • 1 February 2021
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I’m executing command:

/usr/local/nutanix/bin/acli vm.list

The output is:

002Nutanix-Production-Mgmt  fa4aa572-a757-4e9f-a151-760a290195bd
2016-delete- 0              0cc10b90-108f-404f-b48d-ac8a1d1e5bad
72222092-crrs-os-VDA717   1034b811-75ea-4b13-9688-892de9bc9b67
87777823                    be6afd54-e56f-4d9b-8101-c0dd946581c3
632224333                    348430c2-7567-4579-b04a-9b23ba6890b1
Rddu-Case01                 66b8ca97-bafc-46f9-9748-6ac9b2e580cd

I also need to see the IP address of each VM.

I found this link that shows how to do it with NCLI but NOT ACLI

Listing VMs via CLI for importing into Excel

2 replies


Thank you for the response, I’m not sure if we are using IPAM, how ever, I have a script that executes the command and I need a full listing of VMs with IP addresses.

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I think that from acli you can only get the vm ip if you are using IPAM from AHV. Here’s an example of a VM using IPAM

If you are setting up the ip’s manually the IP is not shown

Maybe someone can correct me if i’m wrong