How does abs work with CVMs?

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When I connect VM to the ABS

Is it seperate iSCSI sessions to all CVM (load balance I/O path) or
connect to only 1 CVM (1 active and another standby I/O path)

I wonder about performance between multi-vdisk (by hypervisor) vs. VG (by ABS) .

thank you

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you will need to use data services IP as portal for your CVMit will connect to only 1 CVM (active standby mode)
does multi-vdisk (by hypervisor) mean non-Nutanix ?
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Hi bezeddin

multi-vdisk (by hypervisor) mean "Add multiple vDisk to VMs" (Nutanix System)

Thank you
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in abs vdisk can be referred as LUN (old way)you can have multiple vdisks per VG (up to 32)
how would you compare multiple vdisks to VM running on Nutanix vs VM running on other physical utilizing ABS on Nutanix ?
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Hi komdet -- were you able to find your way with ABS or do you need any help?

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This covers all of the semantics in detail:

Specifically look at the 'Multi-Pathing' section