HDD removal test: where to find a detailed event log

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I've removed one of the disks of a node for test purposes and added it again, now i am trying to collect informations on that activity, but what I find is just an indication about the time the disk was removed in the "Event" summary under "Alerts".
I repeated the test twice, excluding the disk through Prism GUI and, in the other case, phisically removing the drive. In both cases details about the event and subsequent activities are poor.
Further informations are needed to me, to better understand the behaviour of Nutanix in the case of a disk failure.

How I collect more informations about this test? Where I can find them?

Thanks in advance

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~/data/logs/hades.out would be a good start

As always, feel free to open a support ticket and we can help guide you to the exact info you need.

Also, if we're lacking on logging or display GUI, we can file an enhancement off that support ticket, and integrate that feedback into the product. All goodness
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The Nutanix disk replacement guide make me puzzled, it says while one disk failed(not completely), the data contained in the disk would be replicated to another disks (free extend store), and after replaced it with a new one , the previous data will be replicated back to the disk ? ! twice IO read/write ? and if one disk failed completely, how it works ? I just can`t understand clearly about the guide. thanks for any reply.
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All of our drives use SMART monitoring. If we see a disk about to fail, we will preemptively start migrating data OFF of the drive, in preparation for its replacement.

After you replace the disk, data will eventually rebalance on to the drive
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Do you have to choose the new disk in Prism and select "repartion or add" or should it just come back online by itself with no intervention?

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you should choose the specified disk from hardware page then click repartition or add