Failed SATADOM on node in cluster: repair/recovery required to be added back in as AHV node not ESX

  • 31 August 2017
  • 2 replies

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We have had a node SATADOM failure on our main production cluster and need to recovery the node after the hardware is replaced. We have been told that it would be in ESX after restore/recovery and we are running AHV
Therefore we would need to convert the node before it would work in the existing AHV cluster

2 replies

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Hi roberthwl

I think it must have been solved isn't it ? for this kind of action, especially on production stuff, it must be followed by Nutanix Team with a support case If you asked me. Nevertheless, IMO you should have put here some precise informations on this :
  • Hardware version, including BIOS / FW stuff.
  • AOS version,
  • Hypervisor version.
If it's a DELL case, then your SATADOM will be delivered as you bought it in first case (including AOS / Hypervisor version) which can be disturbing if you migrate / evolved your cluster.

Hi everybody.

Is it possible to know if SATADOM is broken or has anomalies?
Or the only way to know is to restart a node?