ESXi5.5 Upgrade breaks cluster

  • 5 January 2016
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hi all,

We are running a 3-node Dell XC630 and trying to upgrade the hosts to the latest version of esxi5.5

However when the host comes back up, it does not rejoin the cluster not even manually.

The only option for us was to reboot and revert the host back to the previous working level.

Would appreciate comments


4 replies

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Are you running vCenter at u3b? If not, it looks like that needs to be upgraded first
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Thank you both for posting a reply to this thread.

We will log a ticket with Dell to investigate this issue.

I might install all updates apart from u3b to see what happens.
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I ran into this issue recently myself - it turned out that the problem was that the most recent update (u3b) disabled SSLv3 Certs by default. This prevented the older vCenter from connecting to the newer hosts (leaving the host in a disconnected state, even though we could connect to the host using the vsphere client). To prevent this, you should upgrade vCenter before ESXi.

That being said, I echo Jon's comments - opening a Dell case would get the fastest response on this, especially if the CVM didn't join back to the Nutanix Cluster after updating ESXi.
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- Thanks for reaching out.

First, since you are running a Dell system, I'd strongly recommend that you open a support ticket with Dell support, and they can start to help for sure.

That will get you the best overall turn time on this issue.

Second, out of curiosity, how are you doing the upgrade? VUM? Manually in ESX? or through Prism?

Third, What Nutanix OS version are you running?