Does my last good PD snapshot expire if I lose the primary site?

  • 21 October 2020
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Do PD snapshots eventually all expire on my DR site if I lose the primary site (no communication between)?

For instance I have a PD with 5 hourly replication snapshots retained locally and remotely. If I lose the primary site but can’t get to the DR site for say 6 hours, will I still be able to recover the PD?


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Hi bobkeene1

5 hourly snapshot retention means that once the 6th snapshot is created or arrives at DR the first snapshot is released. If the 6th snapshot does not arrive then all five snasphots will continue to exist until either removed manually or the 6th snapshot arrives.

If you lose primary site, do you mean it goes down and new snapshots are not created? If so then the 6th snapshot is not replicated to the DR site and the 5 snapshots existing at the DR site at the time will not age and continue to exist. This means you will still be able to choose either of them for recovery.

Is that what you mean? Was that helpful?