Deploying OVF files in Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor

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I have one of our customer who has Nutanix acropolis hypervisor and need to configure below .Appreciate your response,,
First question :
I need to know if there are any possible way to deploy OVF files in Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor?
Second question:
I need to create vm snapshot using Nutanix acropolis hypervisor then use it or convert it to snapshot or VM into vmware vsphere host?


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You can extract the ovf using something like winrar and just take the VMDK file and upload it to the image manager in prism. Then you can just use it to make a new VM.
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For reliable OVA migrations to AHV, it is advisable to first prime the Windows OS with the NGT/Virt-IO drivers before exporting the VM as a single OVA file. If you don't have the driver in the OS often when you power it on in AHV it has a tendency to do a BSOD.

You can use your favourite file compession/decompression utility such as 7Zip to extract the vmdk file.

For Linux VM's I have come across a few issues because the older kernals do not have support for the KVM and the work around I have used is to change the disk controller in AHV VM properties to IDE from SCSI and this seems to work in my experience (for lab use I suppose it would be fine).

Hope the above helps.