Deleted a VM by accident? Don’t sweat it. Nutanix Recycle Bin to the rescue!

  • 23 September 2020
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Introduced in AOS 5.18 is a feature known as the Recycle Bin, which is enabled by default and allows a 24-hour hold on VM files that were deleted and need to be recovered, unless the cluster free storage space reaches critical thresholds.

This feature was introduced to simplify the recovery procedure for accidentally deleted storage entities (Virtual Machines, Volume Groups, or individual disks). You can disable and enable the recycle bin or clear its contents.

To restore an entity, you MUST contact Nutanix Support.

To learn more about the limitations and how to manage the recycle bin, click here.

2 replies

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Hello @DavidN!
Thank you for your feedback and suggestion! Unfortunately, we don't have that feature for Nutanix Flies at the moment. It is restricted to guest VMs and volume group vDisks. Nevertheless, we are definitely working on big improvements for this feature in the future versions. Stay tuned!

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Do you know if this extends to Nutanix Files Shares of Nutanix Files clusters themselves? either of those two would be a superb feature!