Creating UEFI image for 2016 server

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Is there a way to create a new VM using UEFI instead of BIOS?In VMware there was an option to change it pretty easy but I don't see a similar option within Nutanix. We are trying to create our 2016 server image but we need it to be UEFI.Thank you

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adminljdWe can do this from acli.Please refer below document.
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Hi sandeepmp

Do I do this before I boot it up the first time?I tried this but it didn't work because it stated that the boot file was missing.
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So I figured out how to create a UEFI VM but it appears that when you sysprep and then capture that VM as an image it does not carry the EFI_BOOT=True setting. I have to run the same command for any new VM I create using my image.