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  • 11 March 2019
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I have 4 tasks that seem to be stuck in prism central. 3 x vm create and 1 vm disk attach. The vm's were successfully created and same with the vm disk attach. They are just stuck at 50% and no amount of clearing the tasks will get rid of them.

Is there a command to run to clear these out?

Best answer by galad2003 21 March 2019, 13:20

So got the solution from support:

1) ecli task.list include_completed=false

2) ~/bin/ergon_update_task --task_uuid=9 --task_status=aborted
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7 replies

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you can try with progress_monitor_cli, first get a list:
progress_monitor_cli --fetchall

then try
progress_monitor_cli --entity_id="< ID >" --delete

Another option is to use ergon_update_task:
ergon_update_task --task_uuid=TASK_ID --task_status=succeeded

(you may need to use the proper task status, see the command help)
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Hi @galad2003

Did you see the reply from @andrew_ct ? Did it help? if yes, consider clicking the 'best answer' link this will help others find the same info much quicker. Thanks
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@aluciani Unfortuantely this did not help. I will pursue this through tech support as time permits.
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@galad2003 Have you tried to get task UUID:
acli task.list

And then kill it with:
/bin/ergon_update_task --task_uuid=TASK_UUID_HERE --task_status=succeeded 

In previous Andrej's response /bin part was missing in ergon command. Try again I hope it fixes it for you.
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So got the solution from support:

1) ecli task.list include_completed=false
2) ~/bin/ergon_update_task --task_uuid=9 --task_status=aborted

Hi galad2003

I’m trying to clear out the stuck tasks however it’s not doing much. I can’t see the stuck tasks reducing, Any other ideas how to clear them out?



Hello Nutants,

Here is the best answer to kill the stuck , hung task in Nutanix Prism and/or Nutanix cVM.

You can easily kill the stuck ./ hung task via simple command as mentioned here:

  1. acli task.list
  2. ecli task.list
  3. progress_monitor_cli

I have foun the best Nutanix task killer command here How to Kill Nutanix Stuck, Hung Task via Command