Can you get a 3461 with 4tb HDD?

  • 15 October 2014
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I have the specs for the NX series and cannot see if it is possible to get a 3461 with 4tb HDD. The 1TB it shows in the spec would be too small and give me less than 9tb of useable space in a 4 node rf2 set up. Can anyone give advice as I have searched the site and googled but no details. Thanks

1 reply

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No, the 3461 is an ultra-dense form factor that supports 2.5" drives and so it doesn't support the large 4TB drives that you're looking for. If you need storage dense I'd suggest looking at the 6000 model line which does include 4TB drives. Keep in mind you can also mix-and-match models (e.g., 3061 and 6000) to give you the right combo of storage/compute for your needs.