Can't connect to VM's error 1006

Hopefully this is something simple...

Our Nutanix system was built a few months ago as a POC and once it was built out and vm's created it has sat unattended but has had 400+ healthy check status reports, no errors, no failures etc etc

Today I log in to start actually using the system and we cannot connect to any of the vm's(13) via console as we get the following error:

"There was an error connecting to the VM. This could be due to an invalid or untrusted certificate chain or the VM being powered off. Please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer if the problem persists."

I am running the latest version of Chrome and also tried IE 11 but we get the same error. I also powered down a few vm's and brought them back up healthy but still no luck.


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@Seema, apologies, but I don't see the relevance of your comments on Prism Central as VMs are only able to be launched via Console using Prism Element which the reported issue. I will submit a ticket for support to review as this appears to be a bug or configuration issue when assigning DNS to Prism Element - as this issue is able to be replicated when using Prism Central via IP/Port.
@cbowlby One more question, is launching the VM console failing from both PC and PE?
@cbowlby As of Prism Central 5.6, Prism Central can manage clusters running more recent versions of the AOS 5.6 family (for example, Prism Central 5.6 can manage Prism Element clusters running up to AOS The PC version 5.6 is compatible with clusters :
  • 5.6 through 5.6.0.x
  • 5.5 through 5.5.0.x
  • 5.1 through 5.1.5.x
  • 5.0 through 5.0.4.x
Since you are using AOS 5.6.1, PC 5.6 cannot manage this cluster. To resolve the issue, please upgrade PC to a later version and try accessing the VM console.
@Seema, Prism Central 5.6
Hi @cbowlby , @BNHCBob , could you please let me know if you are using Prism Central? If yes, the version of Prism Central please.
Updating to the latest version of Hypervisor does not solve this issue.

It is important to note that I was able to identify the difference in steps allowing some users to launch console while others (including myself are not). Launch console works while accessing prism via IP address, but not using DNS.
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You may try upgrading your AHV version to the latest one is AHV-20170830.157 (can download it from Nutanix portal > Hypervisor Details section)

The newest version officially supports for the latest web browsers version listed below:
Mozilla FF 38 or later
IE 11
(and maybe also fix for Chrome browsers?!)
AOS 5.6.1 and AHV 20170830.124

It is important to note this user experience is not reproducible by all. It is also important to note that the latest version of Chrome and IE.
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Hey guys,
Could you please provide some details on your Nutanix system?
AHV version, AOS version?
Same issue. Is there an update with a resolution?
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Let me see if I can get some additional eyes on this post and help 🙂