• 2 January 2018
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Is there any type of performace difference between PCI and SCSI in AHV? Does AHV prefer one over the other?

4 replies

Would love to know this answer myself. I guess I will have to do some testing.
I couldn't get it to work. I don't know if the drivers are available. I tried the RNG device driver and it added it under system devices in windows device manager. But the disk didn't show up in disk management.

I can't find any documentation on it and that is frustrating. Oh well...
Maybe stupid to ask, but did you install the virtio drivers if it's a Windows machine?
It's a good question. Yes, I downloaded version 1.1.4 and ran the installer after installing windows server 2016. The PCI storage device came up under unknown hardware as a SCSI device, but forcing the SCSI driver on it wouldn't work and forcing the RNG device driver worked as far as it recognized the device as a PCI device but it still would not show up in disk management.