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Hi everyone

Please help me with this case:

1- I have two nutanix blocks, each 3 nodes, I have only one core switch and I want to manage and see all nodes in the same cluster, I don`t have prism center.

2-I want to install ESXI on all the nodes, if the configuration goes right!, when I want to manage VMs (create, delete, .. i.e.,) should this be done through the prism or from the esxi?

Appreciating any help from you guys.


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I would manage all the VM using prism, whatever the hypervisor is.

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Management can be done via vCenter or Prism Element or Prism Central ;) It's up to you. I would prefer Prism though. 

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How about my first question, if I connect all nodes to the same core switch, they will be discovered during foundation and then I can add them?

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Yes correct. If foundation cant find them you can configure IPMI manually and provide the ipadresses and credentials to foundation. 

Make sure foundation can talk to ipmi and to the ahv/cvm addresses provided in foundation. If that is not possible because of vlans, then foundation via a seperate switch with no config at all (layer 2, no vlans).