Are license costs tied to memory?

  • 27 September 2017
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We use the Dell XC series to run Nutanix and we asked for a quote to add aditional memory. Part of the quote was adding additional licenses. Is this the case, when you add memory, you need to purchase additional licenses?
We currently have the cluster licensed as PRO.

2 replies

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Not sure what kind of additional license you had been quoted for, you can always check with Dell support if that is the case they should have inventory details and should guide you.

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Yes I've experienced the exact same thing. Wanted to buy memory for some Dell XC servers with Nutanix Pro licenses. Had to pay more than double in "Nutanix software licenses" than if I just bought the memory for a regular R730 server - even though the memory has the exact same part number...

I have not been able to find this licensing scheme documented anywhere. I thought when a host was licensed you could upgrade it as you wanted like you can with a vSphere host - (except for additional CPU's maybe) - but this seems like V-tax all over again...

If anyone can provide any official documation about this, I'd be pleased to hear