AFS maximum connections limit

  • 28 August 2018
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As a general share is always located on the same FSVM (DFS). some of the questions below:

1. For example 250 connections for 4CPU 12MEM FSVM. I have got 3FSVMs, therefore 750 connections on single general share folder? or just 250 as the share always on that one FSVM (ie The hosting FSVM got 250 connections and idle for all other FSVMs)?

2. 750 connections reached, how would the AFS cluster react? As we tested and seems it randomly dropping some new sessions.

3. One node down how AFS react with a) Current connections and b) New connections?

4 Any where I would show connections we have like few days ago?

5 What is the re-balance. How the share re-balanced?

Any advises will be much appreciated!!


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