add CVM to cluster with an older NOS version?

  • 30 December 2014
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for preperation of a customer demo i've upgraded a three node CVM to i have one additional cvm with the ui is hanging at "SAving" when I try to add the "older" cvm to the cluster. could that be the issue?

4 replies

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the version has to be the saem as stated in the documentation:

I 've done the upgrade, but the issue is the same. let's investigate further...
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Hi @manfred

Thanks for the questions, @dlink7 or @DonnieBrasco can you can provide @manfred some guidance on this issue?

Thans for the help folks!
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It is a requirment to have CVM's running on same NOS version which are part of the NOS cluster else it can create weird issues. If you have 3 CVM's running on common NOS version and there is one odd one, I suggest remove that node from the cluster and they re-image it with the matching NOS version. For removing node from cluster, you can follow the steps mentioned in Nutanix document. link for the same is mentioned below.

Hope it helps.
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the fourth node is actually not in the nutanix cluster.
the 3 node cluster has
the fourth node is not attached and I did an upgrade to (cluster -upgrade_node)

i will try imaging the node fresh with and retry the cluster expansion.

thanks and regards