about nutanix smtp server configuration.

  • 16 February 2021
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I got some question from my college, He asked me when in prism. we set smtp server configuration. and also we set about alert email.

which network nutanix use to smtp protocol telecomunication. 

I mean if I set configuration like this.

host name:
port: 993

security mode: SSL


password: ****

from email address:

and after I setting alert email, and after that alert is come. which network nutanix use sending email? 

9 replies

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Hi @Michael Kang here is a Guide on Configuring SMTP server on Prism:

The standard SMTP ports are 25 (unencrypted), 587 (TLS), and 465 (SSL).

If NO SMTP server is configured, alert and digest emails are sent via port 80/8443 to the Nutanix servers ( and 


Below are few supporting KBs too :



Let me know if you need anything else.:sweat_smile:


thank you for reply.

I mean when the nutanix sent the mail, which network use? 

using cluster network or using external(internet) network? 

Hi @Michael Kang 

When the node is sending an email alert, it will use the node's management IP (eth0) as its source IP.  


Does that answer your question?


so, does it can change node’s management IP port? 

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What do you mean by changing node’s management IP port? To connect to Prism you access port 9440 but that does not mean that you have to send the rest of the messages from the same port.

Hi @Michael Kang, Not sure I am following your question.  STMP and email alerts have nothing to do with IP ports.  STMP has a well-known port that it utilizes.  

Can you please give us more details about your question?


I mean, when you said 

“When the node is sending an email alert, it will use the node's management IP (eth0) as its source IP. “ 

it mean, email alert only working in eth0 port? 

@Michael Kang Yes we currently send the email out via our Management interface/IP which is eth0.  Nutanix expects eth0 to be the management network for the cluster.  You can segment off different traffic via Network Segmentation but that is a totally different discussion.

Did that clear it up?


thank you! Now I understand!