About AFS Limitation of Volume size

  • 9 February 2017
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Hi all.

Though I read instruction book of AFS , I didn't understand volume size limitation.
according to the Document , following is the limitation .

HOME SHARES:per FSVM / 200TBDomain administrator: Full accessDomain User: Read onlyCreator Owner: Full access (inherited only)GENERAL PURPOSE SHARES: 40TBDomain administrator: Full accessDomain User: Full accessCreator Owner: Full access (inherited only)

I didn't realized what they are .
it seems that domain user access is different and others are same .
Any one who has a good example , Please let me know .

3 replies

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For the general share the limit for 40 TB is the whole share, we are looking to increae this in a later release. The general share is backed by 6 vdisks, 2 for metadata, 4 for data. Each disk is 10 TB. The general share is pinned to 1 FSVM

The home share \fs-serverhome each Top Level Directory is distrubuted amongost the cluster. Each FSVM by default has 5 volume groups backing it. hence 200TB. So a 3 node file server could use up to 600 TB out of the gate.
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Thank you

what does Data size for home share mean ?
what does Data size for General Purpose Share mean ??
\FSVM --- 200TB per FSVM??
\FSVMuser1 -- 200TB or 40TB ??
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Hi kashi5409

Does this post from dlink7 help - http://itbloodpressure.com/2017/02/07/nutanix-afs-maximums/