100% Flash NX-9000 Appliance

  • 10 October 2014
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Nice to see Nutanix become the first converged infrastructure company to offer a 100% Flash Appliance for those most demading workloads.

Do you see the NX-9000 Appliance playing a role in your data center infrastructure?

What type of workloads do you plan on running on the NX-9000 Appliance?

2 replies

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I am Thinking about using it for an Oracle project.

Curious, is there anything uniquely different in managing the 9000 (Obviously flash pinning would be pointless). Also are there any caviots to all flash (or features that are all flash only). Also if you have community edition for a home lab, is there anything different in running it all flash (Any commands, or anything to change how it works?)
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The only limitation is that the cluster has to be all all-flash (so you can't mix NX-9000 with other nodes).

Besides that, there is no difference in feature set or management between the two.