Unable to access controller VM

Hi All.. Happy new year!

Need some guidance 🙂

I'm a newbie in Nutanix CE, so I built my first single node cluster couple months back and deployed couple vm's, all working well. Over the holidays, I powered down my host and today when I powered it on, my host is up but controller VM is not reachable.

After doing so troubleshooting and research, I can see the cvm is running but I can 't access it. I suspect it might be due to outgoing port 8443 used by some other device on my network.

"Outgoing TCP ports 80 or 8443 opened through your firewall An automated feedback mechanism named Pulse that sends cluster alerts and usage statistics to Nutanix requires internet connectivity and port access."

Is there a way to unblock access to CVM, without having to rebuild?
Since outgoing port 80 or 8443 is needed? What is required as I'm not blocking outgoing?
I don't plan on keeping the Nutanix CE host running 24 hrs, would there be an issue with that?

Thanks for help in advance.

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