The Big Nasty - possibly the ugliest homelab that you'll see

  • 30 November 2017
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My homelab consists of white boxed parts, tied together with budget in mind, an overwhelming display of how extreme function over form can go.
Server 1:
SuperMicro H8SCM system board
Opteron 4334
32GB of RAM
LSI 9211-8i storage controller, 8x300GB 15k SAS disks
Running ESXi 6.0, with CentOS 7 VM functioning as the storage server (controller passed through to deliver a ZFS Z1 container as an NFS share), along with Nutanix CE embedded modified to run on AMD
CoolerMaster HAF 912 case

Server 2:
Biostar A960D+V2 AM3+ system board
16GB of RAM
Intel quad port NIC
Random 250GB SATA disk for OS
Running ESXi 6.0 with CommunitySupported profile to accept the Realtek onboard NIC, with Server 2k8 DC, vCenter 6.0 and vMA
Case? What case? Open air, man.

You can stop here now. There's no need to see the pictures below. Yes, that's a power button taped to the shelf.

3 replies

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Haha - looks good Renny_Fuchs - maybe cable management for Christmas? ... well done!
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This is how a Home Cluster looks like, well done m8. Looks good!
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Thanks Koja99! And yeah... cable management is going to come with the pair of S1500-12P switches that should be here tomorrow, which will be a welcome upgrade to the Trendnet dumb switch pictured.