Restart ClusterHealth service

  • 22 April 2016
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HI everbody,

I'm trying to upgrade acropolis from to 4.6.1 and the pre-upgrade check is saying this:

ClusterHealth service is down on X .X .X .X

I run cluster status on this CVM and the service is down.

How can i restart the ClusterHealth service? DO i have to restart the entire CVM?
Thanks !!

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8 replies

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Janson you may use the command:
cluster start
to restart the health service I think there insn't another way to do it.

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Here is the command to stop and restart the health service:

allssh genesis stop cluster_health; cluster start

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If you can, send in a support ticket and we'll help you out with this, to make sure nothing else is going on.
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Have you got the detailed method to do that ? Can you share it to me? thanks
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generally if a service is down, you can just type cluster start and it will be ok and start, but I always recommend filing a support ticket so we can check to see if anything else is going wrong, that perhaps might have caused the issue to begin with
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I finally restarted the health service and everything went ok.

Thanks !
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how did you restart the health service?

Hello All,

Want to confirm the follwoing command line, whether have any effect for the operating system to run the following command: May I know what is the meaning of the following command line?

# allssh genesis stop cluster_health

# allssh genesis stop arcopolis


Thanks in advance

Best regards