Portable datacenter project

  • 12 January 2018
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Dear Community,

This is my turn to present my project. I'm playing around with CE for some time now and I think I'm astarting to ahve something workable.

I built myself a 3 nodes CE cluster based on Intel NUC G7 and ... it is all packed in a suitace. I'm calling this my DiaB project (Datacenter in a Box).

Here is an overview :

You can find more details if you are interested here : https://flhoest.blogspot.be/2018/01/my-journey-with-nutanix-community.html



3 replies

Now only if I could do this with my NUCs, I absolutely love this idea! How are you finding the next gen NUCs?
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Hi Gareth,

This is my first time experience with NUCs. I've managed to installed Windows 10, create a Hackintosh just for fun ... the main and only goal was CE, so this is a CE lab now and will remain as such. I'm very happy with the performance, I'm planning to create a XenDesktop lab too.

Sorry I only see your answer now 😉
I love that case