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  • 8 February 2021
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Hey everyone,
I was wanting to show off my lab and explain some stuff for newer Nutanix Users. 
I am currently in my lab running 3x gigabyte r180 servers (they are very cheap for bare bone servers and support newer hardware for anyone looking to have a small homelab, abt $100 barebones.) 

Here is my Nutanix Dashboard
My rack setup:
To the left there is a black ethernet cable, it runs to the back of my rack where my mikrotik 8 port sfp+ switch is. I have all my r180’s connected via sfp+ dac’s for 10gbps networking. 
each r180 has a 500gb wd red, 4tb ironwolf, 96gb of ddr4 (16gb modules) ram, and 2x e5 2678v3 cpu’s

The R7910 is running proxmox, I use it for pcie pass through. 
it has 4x 64gb ddr4, 2x e5 2680v3, 3x 500gb nvme, p2200 quadro gpu, lsi 12gbps hba, 7x 1.1tb hgst drives and 2x wd red 500gb ssd’s. 

behind the monitor there are 2 desktops, one is my pfsense desktop (because i’ve been to lazy to virtualize it) and the other is a hashcat rig, I am a cyber security major and I use my lab for setting up and practicing ethically pen-testing. Nutanix helps with this by allowing me to create vm’s and isolate them with security policies, I also do this on Pfsense with vlan rules.  I also use my lab for hosting VM’s and servers for my family/friends. A few friends like to play videogames and its very easy for me to sell them cheaper server space. 


There is an R710 and an Md1000 currently in the rack, I will be moving the md1000 up in the rack under the r180’s as I am also adding in a new 2kw UPS and a 60bay DAS (IBM DCS3700 1818-e) and I will be completely removing the r710 as it is too old for my uses now. 

Getting hands on experience in my lab has helped me improve upon my knowledge base and helped me with job opportunities, employer’s seem to really like it when you are enthusiastic about the tech you work with and are working on. I started using Nutanix my senior year in college, I have since graduated with a BS degree in Cybersecurity.

Thanks for reading and if there are any hardware questions feel free to ask. 
Homelabbing can be quiet expensive and there are some corners you can cut to get cheaper up to date hardware for running Nutanix CE on. 



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