Mobile Home Lab

  • 12 January 2018
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Here's a link to the story of building the version one of my mobile home lab with 8 server nodes and a master node for holding the sources and VMs for automating the builds:

All in one lab with a converted PSU to drive all of the components (except the HDMI switch) so that it runs off a single power cable.

And a pic of the version 2 where I replace the passively cooled MiniPCs with 32 Gb Gigabyte BRIX boxes. Using the vGhetto driver for the USB-C Ethernet adapters so that every machine is dual-ethernet for testing redundancy and failover behavior...

5 replies

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Amazing, we had the same idea 😉
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Yours is much more portable than mine. Curious if keeping the NUCs in the mousse poses any heat or airflow problems. I went with custom brackets to keep the interior as open as possible.
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Yes, this is also something that I'm monitoring, I see heat .... I feel heat but I need to make some more test like a full day operating with measurements ...
If "money is no object" (disc: it always is) these guys out of Manchester, UK build a mean platform that I used in the past as a Solution Architect at Canonical demoing software, i.e. an "Orangebox"
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Very Nice Solution eableson. Dario. I sure hope Santa places one of these under my tree some Christmas LOL!: