Michiel's homelab

  • 1 December 2017
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HI all,

I use Nutanix for a couple of years, in my daily job i maintain a 49 node environment :)
To keep my knowledge up to date i use my homelab, Nutanix CE edition runs within Vmware workstation, I use this lab also for my Microsoft certification and that environment runs on Windows 2016 (Dual boot)

Here is my homelab spec's

* Intel I7-7700,
* 64GB mem,
* 5x ssd (2x 256GB, 2 500gb)
* 1x 4TB disk.
* Nvidia GTX970 STRIX

2 replies

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Looks good Mverstoep - Thanks for sharing!
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Im back with a new rig!
It is a Lenovo P710 with dual xeon with a total amount of 12 cores
128 GB ram
and 3 500GB disks and one SSD.

this runs currently my entire test and Microsoft study environment