Integrating Nutanix with EMC Networker

  • 20 December 2017
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I am very new to Nutanix and we are in the plan for using Nutanix for one of the sites.

I have an requirement to backup the tlogs using the guest backup and write the data to the Nutanix local stroage itself.

can the EMC Networker integrated with Nutanix ?.

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3 replies

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Yes, You need to install Guest agents(Networker Client and NMM) to backup file system and applications(SQL, SharePoint and Exchange).
If you want to keep the backup data on Nutanix then either create a storage node on Nutanix or use ABS to provision storage to existing storage node/server and then use the space as AFTD devices for backup.

If you are talking about integrating EMC Networker with Nutanix AHV for backing up VMs try Storware vProtect, which can act as middle-ware and is not costly.



today you can easily integrate Dell EMC Networker with Nutanix Cluster using Storware vProtect (one of the options to store protected data).


vProtect can also enhance your backups with snapshot-management or integrate with your application-native backup tools to provide more complete backup solution while giving freedom of choice of backup provider (local FS, NFS, cloud AWS S3 (or compatible), IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM), Veritas NetBackup and Dell EMC NetWorker and more)



In below webinar we mentioned about key functionalities offered by vProtect for Nutanix:


- A complete infrastructure and virtualization solution ready for enterprise applications (Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS with AHV)

- Efficient, incremental backup of AHV VMs with CBT/CRT (Changed-Region Tracking)

- Snapshot-management for better RPO

- Backup consistency mechanisms for your applications running on AHV VMs

- File-level restore directly from the Web UI and accessing VM disks from backups over ISCSI

- Supported backup providers - vProtect API available for integration

Official Documentation:

Product webpage: