Installing on to M2 SSD using M2 USB adapter

Hello all,

Having recovered my cluster from a failed USB drive in a node, I then had the other two fail  the same night, tanking the cluster quite comprehensively. 

Not wanting to deal with that again, I got some USB to M2 adapters and some 120GB ADATA SSDs to replace them in my DL360G7 nodes.

However I cannot get them to work. I can install to them using either the latest ISO image, or by imaging the drive directly with the older install, however the newer install chokes on the first reboot after the install and dumps me out to the Grub Rescue prompt, and won’t let me recover from there. The older version doesn’t even get me that far,

I have however successfully installed CentOS 7 on the same drive and that boots fine. Imaging the installer in Etcher or Rufus doesn’t seem to make any difference and neither did re-downloading the image. 

Before I try and rebuild Grub on a node and go further into the Linux boot process than perhaps I desire, has anyone come across this and if so, how did you get around it? It seems something about this combination throws the installer for a loop and it doesn’t build properly.



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