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Hello, Nutanix community,

Hope you are doing great, wow I've so many amazing builds, I'd like to share my humble virtualized setup.

+ Physical host
Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU E5-2680 @ 250GHz (24 CPUs x 2.497 GHz)
2TB of storage space
Note: This server is used for several lab environments and I was not able to dedicate it to my Nutanitx CE Lab entirely 😞

+ vApp

4x Nutanix CE VMs
Each one with:
12Gb of RAM
2 vCPUs
1 x 200GB virtual disk (SSD tier)
1 x 500GB virtual disk (HDD tier)
1 x 7GB virtual disk ( NCE Installation)

Note: Virtual disks were set to Thin provisioning in order to save some space.
One of the nodes was meant to remain out of the cluster for "adding nodes to the cluster" practices.

1 x CentOS 7 VM for Cluster Management.

This setup has helped me a lot for my NPP and NSS studies also I've been able to test out tons of functionalities and in some cases replicate customer's scenarios.

Don't get me wrong, with this setup you will get tons of alerts regarding high memory usage but at least I get to work pretty well with it without the need of a whole physical environment (that I'd love to have)

Hope you like my setup and if you need assistance to set yours leave me a comment,


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Awesome setup jperales29 - glad to also hear that it helped with your NPP/NSS certs.