Homelab on 3 Supermicro nodes

  • 7 December 2017
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Hardware Infra
3 nos. of Super micro Servers with below configuration.
(Per Server Configuration)
3 X 8GB Pendrive
2 x 240GB SSD
3 X 240GB HDD
16 X 8GB RAM

Installation Steps:-
  1. Download NutanixCE image
  2. Unzip the image, it will unzip from .gz to .img

  1. Download and install Win32 Disk Imager for create bootable Pen drive using the .img image

  1. Connect the bootable pen drive to one of the physical server and boot it from pen drive.
  2. Below window will appear.

Type install
Select by default US and Proceed

Provide Host IP address, subnet and gateway
Provide CVM IP address, subnet and gateway
Accept licence

The process will take 10mins to complete
After 10mins CVM IP address will appear on your screen.

Follow the same steps for remaining two servers and finish the installation.

This Lab IP Configuration:-
1st Node:-
Host IP: - 192.168.11
2nd Node:-
Host IP: -
3rd Node:-
Host IP: -
Creation of cluster:-
Confirm all the 3 CVMs IP addresses are reachable
Access any server from Putty (CVM IP)
User Name: - nutanix
Password: - Nutanix/4u
Type below command for create cluster:-
cluster –s,, create
Type the IP address in browser to access the server through PRISM
Change ADMIN password
Create your ID in Nutanix, if already created
Type the ID and password
PRISM Management Console will appear

3 replies

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Awesome lab, it's very nice for who want to learn Nutanix...excellent..Thanks a lot.
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Thanks Ashish, Superb lab...
Before reading this lab, Nutanix looks very difficult, but now looks good.. thanks again..
Great lab...