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  • 1 December 2017
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I got two "labs" and a third one on the way. I know, I am a little bit excessive (or so my wife tells me).

Here how they goes:

Nutanix CE demo lab, used for demo with clients and some testing with Acropolis:

4x Intel NUC NUC5i5MYHE
32Gb RAM each
256Gb M.2 SSD
1Tb 2.5" SATA
Small 5 ports Netgear (unmanaged) switch
All in a (trans)portable 4U rack from SKB with a slide out tray

Home lab running vSphere 6.0 (for testing and running a whole bunch of things at home):

2 old Intel NUC with 16Gb, 128Gb M.2 SSD for VFRC
1 old ±2011 Mac Mini with 16Gb, 128Gb SSD for VFRC
1 really old IBM M3200 M2 (I thing?) with a whole bunch of local drive and 80Gb of RAM
1 Synology DS412+ with 2x 256Gb SSD for read-write cache and 2x 4Tb for data
All of this hooked to a Netgear M4100-D12, FortiSwicth 108D-PoE and a Fortigate 60E

New lab that will be running vSphere 6.5 and VSAN (Christmas.gift, from me, to me 🙂 :

3x SMicro E200-8D, 512Gb SSD, 1Tb SATA, 128Gb RAM
2x Netgear 10Gbps

2 replies

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Wow, love that setup, thinking about getting some NUCs sooner!
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Love your portable Demo Lab setup! Great work!