Getting set up but install fails

  • 15 October 2020
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Hey all, Brand new to Nutanix. My company is switching over to it from using Vmware so i decided to add it to my homelab and give it a test run however I am encountering some issues during the install. 

After looking around it sounds like Nutanix 5.18 Found here ( ) Includes the AHV Hypervisor which can be installed on bare metal. 

I’m installing it on a Dell R610. I attempted to check the compatibility of my hardware but it seems like that link may have been moved ) 


So I moved on from that and and attempted to do an install. The 5.18 package was downloaded and added to a bootable flash drive using the recommended Passmark software. The machine boots off the drive and goes straight into a kernal panic before evening asking for install credentials. The I don’t seem to have a way to add images here but the panic gives some details

CE_installer tainted: G


I did some reading and found some similar errors if you try doing an install with raid controllers enabled. So I went through and disabled the internal raid controller and and turned off my perc raid controller through its bios.  I would like to use this eventually but it currently hooks to a Dell MD500 storage array thats frankly too hot and costly for my uses at the moment. 

Any suggestions on what I’m missing here? Thanks much for the assist. 

2 replies

Looks like the issue may have been with the 5.18 version. After moving to the older version ( ) I was able to get passed the login potion and onto the install portion. Now I just need to figure out what it wants with my disks. Its currently complaining that my 32gb usb drive isnt large enough

Disk issue turns out was not caused by my USB stick. Error read “a set of disks matching the minimum system requirements was not found” To get around this I needed to open up my perc raid controller and set a single disk in a raid 0. Then I set all other disks to another raid 0 setup. and initialized both. That however was not enough and I found I then needed to follow this process I found to complete the install


Since the install has completed and IP information was inserted it appears that my NIC may not be compatible as the system refuses to take an IP address