Error while trying to install Nutanix CE

  • 27 April 2021
  • 4 replies

I have tried to install Nutanix CE using the ce-2020.09.16.iso on two different Supermicro Systems.  One system is a TN4T server and the other is an old retired Cybernetics SAN that I converted to a generic server.

The installer starts to load and then terminates with the following error message:

Terminal screen is not large enough to run the installation script. Please resize the terminal and rerun the script.

I have no idea what this means.  Thanks for any help.

4 replies

I’ve got the same error.

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Same here!

Any Ideas?

Suggestion in the Install and Configure forum is to boot to LEGACY bios instead of UEFI first.


Yep. Can confirm. Changing to BIOS boot resolved the issue for me.