DL380 G8 HBA mode

  • 20 July 2021
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The conversation started in the DL360 G8 CE Lab but I didn’t want to keep thread jacking.


I wanted to post this since I think it’s known but not documented very well how to get the DL380 g8 to install CE.

  1. On boot, press F5 to enter the SSA utility screen (built in) or boot from preferred media.
  2. In the HBA config screen, clear configuration and make sure no logical disks are created (clear config does not do this)
  3. Reboot and press F5 to enter SSA CLI
  4. Enter command: "controller slot=0 modify hbamode=on forced"
  5. It will not prompt if successful. Run it again if you want confirmation. It will say that HBA mode already enabled.

It successfully imaged with 2019.11.22 after performing the above. I’m going to try CE 2020.09.16 at a later time.


HPESSA download (Thanks @SIH) :


My test configuration

ILO: 2.73
Bios: P70
Controller: P420i w/FW ver. 8.00

2x E5-2660

1x 120GB SSD
1x 256GB SSD

1x 1TB HDD

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