Dell Poweredge 12th Gen Homelab

  • 30 November 2017
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I have 3 Dell Poweredge R620 Server in my home Rack. They are each running on Xeon E5 3.2Ghz, 64GB RAM, 1x 120GB Samsung EVO Basic SSD and 3x 1TB WD Red SATA disks. All connected through 2x 1Gbit/s uplink to a Dell N1524 switch.

2 replies

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WOW - looks awseome AMA - maybe I can use your lab as my co-location site 🙂
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aluciani,Sure no problem. Lets talk about which subscription level you would like to have? ;-)Actually I'm currently waiting to get an AOS 5.5 CE edition release to install it on the cluster and play a bit with the latest features.