Dell + NUC + Synology Distributed Home Lab

  • 16 January 2018
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My homelab isn't extremely uniform but it works for most of my needs. I exclusively tested VMware 5.0 - 6.0 but have diversified as my job roles and interests have changed:

VMware Bare Metal:This has been the backbone of my environment for the past year plus. Currently running vSphere 6.0
Management node - Dell T110, 1 Xeon proc, 16 GB RAM
Compute nodes - Intel NUC 5th gen i5, 32 GB RAM
Storage - Synology DS200 series running as NFS

I run a paravirtual lab on this environment testing various versions of VMware, Active Directory, Veeam, vRealize Operations, and turbonomic as I need to test dashboards and widgets. If I need to take notes for a blog or test a quick feature this is the environment I use.

I use VMware Workstation on my desktop to run Linux and Windows 10 VMs if I have any need to test or work in those. Currently I have a Devstack VM and a docker swarm living there.

Lastly, many of my configuration change tests or new features make more sense in the cloud so I use AWS and Azure for those. It's far easier to test Server 2016 in an environment I can spin up and down in minutes than download a trial version, deploy it, integrate it, and blow it away. I also have an AWS Workspaces instant I test performance in occasionally.

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