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  • 11 January 2018
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For my Home LAB and PROD, I have a Server Rack in my Garage for the health of my wife:D
Servers4xDell R720 with Dual 6Cores, 128GB of RAM, 1xSSD 480GB, 3x1TB SATA and 4x300GB SAS in cluster with Vmware and Cluster Latest Nutanix CE1xDell R710 with Dual 4Cores, 64GB of RAM and 8 x 900GB SAS With Vmware PROD1xDell R420 with Dual 4Cores, 64GB of RAM, no disk For Test1xDell R320 with Single 4Cores, 64GB of RAM and 3x500GB SATA For Test1xHP DL160G7 with Single 4Cores 32GB of RAM and 4x1TB SATA Mgmt Vmware1xIntel with Single 4Cores 16GB of RAM and 4x2TB SATA Backup
4xDell T20 with Single 4Cores, 32GB of RAM, 1x256SSD and 2x1TB SATA Nutanix CE (planned for reinstall latest version)
Storage2xSynology RS812 with 4x2TB (NFS)1xQnap TS412U with 4x2TB1xQnap TS653-PRO with 6x8TB for backup and share in my House
Networking2xHP 1910-241xOS6450-P24 (My Network Core)
1x PDU
LAB CISCO3550/2950 and 2x1841, 2x2811 and 2x2821

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Looks great @benlan51