Anyone converted a VMware home lab over easily?

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I have a 2 node lab running VMware on some Dell T420's with a RS2414 for shared storage and it's worked well enough but I'm curious to play with CE and wondered what peoples experiences with this were. I have adequate disk on each box to bypass the shared storage but I'm primarily concerned about having to rebuild everything from scratch again.

Not necessarily a big deal but my wife isn't going to be impressed if I kill the Plex server because I was bored.

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If you are curious to play with CE, you can build in nested within VMware. That’s what I did initially just to get a hang on it before I bought a supermicro to run CE.

I did havd 3 node cluster nested within esxi but with CE you can run a single node as well.
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Interesting, I might do that. I have 6 production clusters at work so I'm reasonably familiar with the software but I'd rather not nuke and pave my lab.